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The definition of a boudoir is a lady's private bedroom, sitting room, or dressing room. The term derives from the French word bouder meaning "to pout".

Many women are unsure of what the word boudoir means in terms of photography. In the 80s' it was called "glamour shots". This was a form of photography that suddenly appeared in many malls across the country. Women often search for this term on the internet when looking up where to get what is essentially "boudoir" photography done professionally. They know what they want, but are just unsure of what the modern day term for it is called.

This is a type of photography that is an up & coming trend for photography. Brides often have an album of boudoir style photography made as a gift to their soon to be significant others. Boudoir has also become a popular anniversary gift. It is also an unique idea for Birthday, Christmas, or Valentine's Day.

Celebrate Sexy, Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Day of Glamour

Boudoir Photography allows for a fun day of pampering complete with hair & makeup.The goal of boudoir photography is to help women find themselves and reach a new level of acceptance & empowerment within themselves. It helps to boost your self-confidence & self-esteem. It allows women to see their beauty both inside & out through their own eyes. It provides them with a fresh new confidence in themselves, their life, & their body.

"You're perfect for Boudoir right now just the way you are."

If you've been thinking about doing a boudoir session, you shouldn't feel concerned that you have to "lose x amount of pounds first" or "try that new anti-aging cream first". Forget about all that. Call for your session and know you're perfect to do a boudoir session, just the way you are, right now at this moment.

Boudoir photography is personal & tasteful pictures that can be used for your own self memories that allow you to empower yourself & let loose.

Our boudoir photography is always done in good taste & full discretion.

A picture is worth a thousand words and we approach our boudoir photography with an eye towards fashion & celebrity portraiture. Every woman deserves to let loose & release her inner diva/starlet. We treat each session as we would a fashion editorial shoot. During your consultation, we'll talk over ideas, concepts for a series of pictures, etc.

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